Nirva Jolicouer

Founder / KIZI SA

About me

KIZI SA is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service meeting the agreed delivered date and keeping the sales price controlled in accordance with ongoing trends market. My plan above all is to push my country local economy as best as I can with the means that I can. The only way this can be done is by empowering women to help themselves grow and
employ youths hence boosting the economy my goal it’s to employ as much women that I can cause I strongly believe that whoever hire a woman you feed a family. Thus, providing income for local growers and jobs for the people.My business idea it’s a continuation of my families’ livelihood. My father starts growing rice crops when he was 20 now he is 77 years old now. Our motto its “Eat natural stay healthy”. Founder and CEO at KIZI.I own the company outright my husband  CFO along with a cousin of mine who is responsible for purchasing and stocking the products, and 2
consultants, having served on the private sectors for 7 years and the UN for 11 years on Budget and Finance has given the tools and skills that I need to lead the team.More women will be hired to handle spikes and demand.It’s creative and unique only based that on the fact that I’m coming at my families’ tradition at a new light and approach. A location providing extremely high visibility. Seeing father struggling with my other siblings to doing the farms cropping the rice for almost 56 years which pay my tuition fees and universities entice me to give me back to the communities that I see me growing and raised,I would like through this channel developed a concept that could help all the women and men that do the same struggling on my community.Expanded and renovated what was already exist in a view for those people from the rural area have a platform that could give them job push me to evolve KIZI to create more jobs. As Leila Janah quotes:The most important way to fix global poverty is to improve people incomes which means giving them work.

Nirva Jolicouer

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