Samuel Jean Baptiste

CEO / Iserv

About me

IServ is a platform offering visibility to people with know-how in
technical, mechanical, manual and technlogical fields ....Freelance Experts: Developers, Graphic Designers, Videographers,
Photographers, Copywriters ... And artistic talents such as: Singers, Slamers, DJs, Event Host, Lighting specialist, sound designers ... And Iserv simply allows people with needs, problems, projects in these spheres to have access to this base of know-how and solve their problems.

Any user, regardless of race, religion, level of education will be able to
register in our platform through internet or by our mobile agents deployed
all over Haiti.

Once registered, the application will walk by direct search or navigation
to the service provider's gallery, once performed the service seeker will
choose among the professional closest to him, based on price, certification
or rating.

Samuel Jean Baptiste

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