An event to celebrate entrepreneurial spirit where the focus is on helping the participants reconnect with their roots to find inspiration, best practices, resources, ideas, and mental models from the past to refine our present, build new innovative ventures, and a future worth living.

7th Annual
August 14 -18, 2023


Bringing some of the world
brightest minds to Haiti.

Experts all over the world bringing energy, expertise, and a different perspective to help grow our community

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Empowering Women Leaders & Creators

This event is 100% free to attend, and we encourage everyone to join us, regardless of age, background, or expertise!

100 +

Community Leaders + Entrepreneurs + Volunteers

30 +

Community Engagement Events

3 Dimensions

PAST: The sessions will focus on history, legends, resources, wins, leaders, habits, and products of the past. The goal is to reflect on the past journey and pick essential elements to build a better present and future.

PRESENT: The sessions will showcase current wins, resources, speakers, products, and food that inspire us and elevate our spirits while doing justice to the work of our ancestors.

FUTURE: The sessions on this day will focus on new technology, practices, and frameworks that will be useful in the future. A design sprint will also be hosted to see how we can use elements from the past and present to create the future we want for ourselves.

2023 REDICOVER Sessions


Haiti's FAQ Of Entreprenurship

Find the answers to the most important questions of doing business in Haiti. Lead by our past AWE, Street Labs and Zel entrepreneurs.


Networking Ride

Get on the bus and meet a friend and potential business partner. An innovative way to make networking fun.

Design Sprint

Reimagine Our Lives : Design Sprint

Design sprint sessions where participants exercise their creative muscles by reimagining


Building and managing a solid startup team

The success of your startup depends largely on your team. In this session, you will learn tools and best practices to building and managing a solid team.


Cooking A Healthy Morning Breakfast For Productive Day

Your health is the secret of productivity. Stop trying to overwork and come learn how to cook a healthy breakfast for a productive day.


Building a Listing Website with Softr

From the CEO of Softr herself, learn to build a listing website under 45 minutes using softr.

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Partnerships and community, is how we are able to organize a Free event to attract and cultivate the growth of our Ecosystem.

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