View the Reimagine : Port-au-Prince Startup Week 2022 schedule & directory.


New Digital Era

The world has changed after covid-19. The digital world offers a new range of possibilities.
Workshops, stories and panels to broaden the horizon of our community, take advantage of the creators
economy and digitize their ventures

Health & Wellness

Meditation, yoga, wellness discussion, podcast and healthy meal prep, workshop to help
our entrepreneurship community becomes healthier,more creative and productive.

Social Innovation

Stories of leaders, changemakers and organizations that are making the world a better place.
Throughout this track participants will learn/share best practices on how to incorporate social innovation
components into their ventures and design solutions for local problems through design sprint sessions.

Doing Business Reimagined

Practical tools to develop, launch and manage a business.
A track for managers, team leaders, start founders to improve business Acumen,
share case studies andlearn to develop tools to manage their ventures.

The Creative Revolution

Entrepreneuship is born out ofproblem and problems are bestsolve with creativity.
Sessions inthis track will help participants tothink more creatively,
get inspiredby other creatives and learn aboutopportunities for creators in thedigital world.

Reimagined theEntrepreneurial Ecosystem

Let's imagine what the ideal entrepreneurial ecosystem wouldlook like in Haiti,
especially in Port-3u-Prince.This track is composed of discussions and brain-storming
about the future of ourentrepreneurial ecosystem (laws,players, regulations)..