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Code9Haiti as Community Organization and Software Development Company legally registered under the name: WeCodePro. A partnership company between Lub Lorry LAMYSERE and Edlyn EXAVIER.

Founded on May 22, 2016, in a competition organized by Groupe Echo where we won the first prize. Code9Haiti also participated in Hack The CD in Seattle and won: Best in Diaspora.

Following these achievements, we participated in the Seattle Startup Week, and we went out with the Golden Price worth USD 1K to support our activities. Since then, because of the lack of interest for new technologies in our country, we want to develop better applications for companies, help other people step into programming, and raise the serious cyber-security problem of many Haitian applications.

We developed web applications for large companies like Thess.online, GeryeJwa. We managed some small applications for Digicel aims to manage and facilitate the works of employees. We worked as volunteer when we first started, on a web application for Ecole Superieure d’Infotronique d’Haiti (ESIH) and Sogebank. We do freelance for some companies in the US; We deliver functionalities and web applications to solve clients' problems. We created a school management application that manages interactions between schools, teachers, students, and parents.

We're making technology more accessible to the end users by teaching other developers in order to build a strong community able to meet the market's needs. We create the developer community for knowledge sharing, working as a team, and collaboration on a variety of technical topics because we believe in empowering developers to learn from each other.

We organize workshops, seminars, and training to integrate non-coders to programming to create sustainable jobs, and powerful tools. We create powerful tools for companies and new concept of innovations to solve problems in the country with machine learning, AI, and robotics.

Code9Haiti will become a working-space for developers/engineers/scientists, that will develop powerful tools, awesome apps, useful robots systems, and teach more people about technology, AI, Machine-Learning, Big Data... in order to create a solid ecosystem, and become powerful in technology.

Lub Lorry Lamysere

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